ESN TEAM (InTernational Exchange Athletes Meeting) was the international tournament organised together by ESN Italy and ESN Poland, that involved Erasmus students from all over Europe and took place in Cracow, from the 26th to the 29th of March 2015.


This event came from the cooperation between two buddy countries, and from their will to brace the challenge to organise an international event together, involving the whole Network. The idea of this event was born when the Polish National Board attended an Italian National Platform; from that, many physical meetings and Skype calls took place during the last months to take care of the ESN TEAM organisation, together with the Organisation Committee and the National Coordinators.

This sports event consisted of three disciplines: five-a-side soccer, volleyball and basketball. It was focused on the best national teams selected in each of the participating ESN countries to claim the victory in the various sports. 

The message we wanted to promote through this event, together with the pillars of the new Erasmus+ programme, underlined the importance of healthy living, practising sports, with an added value of the creation of aggregation among foreign students; the project aimed to create a social cohesion through sport, which unifies and emphasises equality rather than diversity. We shared these values among over 200 participants of ESN TEAM. Both, international and local students had direct access to all activities during the project duration, for example, opening ceremony, events and conference as well to all benefits offered by the project’s partners. The sections that hosted the event were the four present in Cracow: ESN AGH Cracow, ESN PK Cracow, ESN UJ Cracow and ESN UEK Cracow

Photo credit: KSAF

"My name is Robert Banet, born and raised in Cracow where back in March 2015 was organised a very first edition of International Erasmus Games under an old name ‘ESN TEAM’. I joined ESN in late 2010 and held plenty of positions, travelled to many countries for numerous ESN meetings and organised or participated in quite a few events and trainings. During ESN TEAM I had a pleasure not only to be a part of a local section but also a president of ESN Poland Association. I was supposed to be only a main contact in between the organisers and the National Board but due to some circumstances I got closely involved and still today I am fully devoted to this great sports project of ESN. IEG gave me a lot of grey hair, hard challenges we managed to accomplish but also a lot of satisfaction and friendship. ​If I had to point out my greatest reflection of ESN TEAM I would choose a moment when my section at the end of the event was celebrating and taking group photos, mostly freshmen. It crossed my mind then how my beginning in ESN looked like a few years ago when things were way different in comparison to opportunities these guys had just after joining the section and what they may become one day. I would wish to all ESNers they had such an introduction to Erasmus Student Network and I hope they will continue the International Erasmus Games as a wonderful tradition."