International Erasmus Games Paris 2019 took place from 2nd to 5th May at the Suzanne Lenglen Stadium. Participants competed in four sports: futsal, basketball, volleyball and athletics.

With a mission to remind everyone how important social inclusion is, the main focus of these IEG was sports for everyone. Next to a competition, there were displays for disability open to the local community, a training on awareness about disability and a solidarity forum was also set up with the presence of French associations to interact with the public about social inclusion and sports for everyone, student enrolment in sports.

Sport, being a universal language, has a power to bring people together, regardless of their race, colour, religion, sexuality or gender. This is the core of the biggest sports competition of the Erasmus Generation - International Erasmus Games (IEG) Paris 2019 which took place from the 2nd to the 5th May at the Suzanne Lenglen Stadium. 

The fifth edition of the games held in Paris, the city of the 2024 Summer Olympics, welcomed 335 participants from 19 countries thanks to Erasmus Student Network Paris. Participants had the chance to compete in four sports: futsal, basketball, volleyball and athletics and also learn more about French culture by trying their luck in pétanque.

“We wanted to share our love for sports, for health and well-being to everyone, and most importantly make the statement, that Sport is made for all. Sport is a place of exchange, something that can bring people together, one of the best existing means of integration in Europe and we hope the International Erasmus Games will contribute to it even more.'' - Julien Guillot, Head of the Organising Committee of IEG

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