A city with a million hearts, Croatia’s capital Zagreb, hosted the International Erasmus Games Community Meeting from 18th to 20th January. Representatives from different levels of ESN gathered for three days of training, learning, sharing knowledge, exploring their own potential and building a stronger community of advocates of a (more) healthy and active Erasmus generation.

“IEG was a new thing for me and I knew just the basic info about it. Now after those days I learned what are the goals of this community and they are bigger than I thought. It was a great experience shared with a lot of nice people and I got some useful and new information about the event and also about some ESN committees.”
Daniel Walczysko, ESN VŠB - TU Ostrava (ESN Czech Republic)


“IEG Community Meeting in Zagreb was more than I hoped for. It introduced me to this lovely community, filled me with motivation and gave me the strength to continue with my work. The whole weekend was full of work, laughter and bonding and I can't wait for the event in Paris.”
Željka Gligora, National IEG Coordinator (ESN Croatia)



We would like to thank the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) for joining us and for their incredible contribution to educating and empowering our volunteers. ISCA is an international umbrella association for grassroots sport organisations and empowers organisations world-wide to enable citizens to enjoy their human right to move. It was built on the foundation that sport is not simply about exercise and competition but should also be about enjoying oneself, making friends, and engaging in society. Having the same vision of active and healthy generations of students, we are looking forward to working together in the future.

“I thoroughly enjoyed attending the IEG Community Meeting in Zagreb. It was a great opportunity to learn from some of the fantastic initiatives around Europe that the ESN is running, and interact with so many passionate and engaged young people. The future of the Grassroots Sport sector is certainly in good hands! The opportunity to attend also allowed us to show what ISCA does and the opportunities for people across the ESN network to get involved in some of our initiatives, such as the NowWeMove campaign and affiliated events like No Elevators Day, and become the next generation of MOVE Agents! Such links can certainly be mutually beneficial for both parties, and I look forward to seeing the relationship grow more going forward.”
Alexander Appleyard-Keeling
Youth Officer, ISCA Communications

This year the fifth edition of International Erasmus Games will take place in Paris, from 2nd to 5th May 2019. Erasmus students will have an opportunity to represent their exchange country in several different sports: football, basketball, volleyball, athletics and petanque. The Games will also be a place to talk about inclusivity in sport, emphasise the importance of social inclusion and an opportunity for participants to step into someone else’s shoes.

“We had a great time in Zagreb and are ready to reciprocate the warm welcome in a more sporty way from the 2nd to the 5th of May in the city of lights itself.”
Julien Guillot and Damon Singleton, the OC of the IEG Paris 2019



“IEG Community Meeting was a really quality spent weekend in a company of beautiful, young and creative people. The result was a great boost of motivation, new ideas and one remarkable experience. Events like this bring me back faith in this generation.”
Antun Sabljak, ESN Zagreb


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