Viktória Horváth is an active member in ESN ELTE, Hungary. Every semester her section organises a two-day camp for mentors and it includes team building games, presentations about the Network and themed workshops where they can get deeper knowledge on ESN’s fields of interest. The health and well-being cause is dear to her heart, so she engaged her fellow volunteers in a spine yoga class and an interactive session about a healthy lifestyle and misbeliefs about it, nutrition and best practices.

We took time to get to know Viktoria and her work better and explore what makes health and well-being cause so special, and how to implement it (more) in the work of our Network on all levels.

What makes the health and well-being cause so interesting to you and how does it line up with your work in ESN?
I am studying Recreation MSc, with a specialisation in healthy lifestyle coaching. My passion is giving advice in this field, helping people reach a better lifestyle (become and stay healthier). I was so thrilled when this cause came up in ESN that I also took part in the Health and Well-being Conference. I try to do my best in my section, organise more events (maybe you have heard about University Sports Festival Budapest) and I believe one day all the ESNers will realise the importance of this cause as well.

How does practising yoga help you in everyday life?
I practise spine yoga with the goal of improving my whole body and mental health. I have tried tons of different sports and I can say this is something that every person should do. For me, it is a wonder how my back, shoulder, and neck pain went away, how my body transformed and how focused I can be in my everyday life. I would recommend everyone to do yoga, your body and mind will love you for it.

Should students care more about physical activity, a balanced diet and their overall health and how?
Yes, they should. Changing habits is easier now than later, now it is not too late to make some big changes in a short time and prevent tons of problems caused by unhealthy habits. In order to have a long and happy life, we have to take care of ourselves now. Instead of feeling like we are sacrificing something, we should focus on habits that make our soul, body and our environment healthy. The key is balance and having the right information about healthy lifestyle, habits and best practices. That is why our work is important - to make our students understand that a healthy lifestyle is a joyful thing if you do it right.

Can exercise like this make a good team building activity in ESN and why?
Doing a weird sport together with other people who are also not too familiar with it is always really fun, even if they are familiar with it, it is still awesome we get to practice together. Not to mention that it makes them really relaxed and calm by the end of the class and they can talk more openly and discuss anything in a calm way, which is important because of stress we feel every day. If doing yoga or any other sport together becomes a habit, it is more than a simple team building, it would be the key element of a great teamwork.

How can our Network implement (more) activities like this at our events?
The key is to find an ESNer who would be happy to do it. We have so many awesome people in the Network, and there are always trainers. We should just give them a chance to shine. It is also crucial for sections and countries to find health and well-being important and make effort to implement activities that would benefit them at their events. It depends only on our will to do it. We are one of the most awesome networks in the world, we can do and reach anything! Let’s realise and stress how important health is before it’s too late.