The fourth edition of the International Erasmus Games was held in Niš from the 18th - 21st May 2018. The event brought together Erasmus students from all over Europe who competed on the side of the country where they are currently on an exchange. The competition was held on the grounds of primary school Dušan Radović, during the weekend, where nine delegations competed in four sports disciplines: futsal, basketball 3x3, volleyball and tennis. In the previous three editions, the event was held in Cracow, Milano and Porto, and in 2018, the local association Erasmus Student Network Niš was given the opportunity to bring this event to Niš, and together with volunteers from ESN BelUPgrade and Erasmus Student Network Novi Sad, made the event unforgettable.

This event would not be possible without the help of the following sponsors and partners, and we are extremely grateful to them: Responsible Party Project by Pernod Ricard, EU Delegation to Serbia, EU info point Niš, Youth Office of the City of Niš, City of Niš , University of Niš, High Technical School in Niš, Tempus Foundation, Juice Point, Caffe Pizzeria Night and Day.

"The certificates we got from the international IEG team served as great motivation for us older members. But our newbies also got certificates from our Organising Committee. They didn’t have the opportunity to be engaged in the organisation of any bigger event before, and with this kind of motivation they realised being in ESN is much more than being a buddy to students; it can bring you a lot of knowledge and skills, motivate you to do great things for a big cause and help you develop as a person."
- Nina Burić, Head of the OC

Photos from the fourth IEG edition you can find on ESN Niš Facebook page.

Final results: