The International Erasmus Games is a student sports event of the Erasmus Student Network that was held in Niš between 18th - 21st May 2018. The event brought together Erasmus students from all over the world who competed on the side of the country where they are currently on exchange. The competition was held on the grounds of Dušan Radović Primary School in Nis, during the weekend, and 9 delegations competed in 4 sports disciplines: small football, basketball 3x3, volleyball and tennis. In the previous 3 editions, the event was held in Krakow, Milan and Porto, and in 2018, the local association Erasmus Student Network Nis was given the opportunity to bring this event to Nis, and together with volunteers from ESN BelUPgrade and Erasmus Student Network Novi Sad, made the event unforgettable. You can see the atmosphere from the event on pictures in this and future albums. The IEG project continues to exist and is being developed thanks to the international IEG team, and the young people who supported the IEG Niš 2018 until the very end are Hrvoje Grganović, Nino Wilkins, Zrinka Trusić. This event would not be possible without the help of the following sponsors and partners, and we are extremely grateful to them: Responsible Party Project by Pernod Ricard, EU Delegation to Serbia, EU info point Nis, Youth Office of the City of Nis, City of Niš , University of Nis, High Technical School in Nis, Tempus Foundation, Juice Point, Caffe Pizzeria Night and Day. 

Photographers: Strahinja Simeonović, Милош Вељковић, Anita Marjanović, Marko Jevtić